Christmas Markets in Salzburg: Which ones not to miss?

In Salzburg, there are many beautiful Christmas markets, each with its unique charm. For Christmas, Christmas markets are an integral part that makes the long wait for the most beautiful celebrations of the year more enjoyable and brings a small taste of the festive atmosphere. Allow yourself to be invited to Salzburg, a city nestled among the Alpine peaks, where you can savor the “Christmas preparations” to the fullest.

Although Salzburg has its unique charm throughout the year, during the Advent season, when lights are shining everywhere, and various decorations are hung, it becomes a bit more enchanting. The picturesque narrow streets, combined with the Christmas atmosphere, make you look at the world with childlike eyes for a while. Where to go here?

Fairytale Christkind Markt

A stay in Christmas Salzburg would not be complete without a visit to the main Advent market, Christkind Markt, located on the adjacent squares of Domplatz and Residenzplatz. Historical sources claim that markets were held on Domplatz as early as the 17th century, and in 2001, those on Residenzplatz were added. Life still thrives on both squares, with approximately 100 stalls prepared each year, offering not only plenty to see but, most importantly, where to spend.

To add some warmth, there’s nothing like a cup of mulled wine or punch. And to make the Christmas scene perfect, a bit of music must not be missing, echoing from all sides. I particularly enjoyed the carols in front of the cathedral entrance, where familiar Christmas songs were sung. It seemed incomplete without humming along to their melodies.

Baby Jesus and His Heavenly Team

Every Christmas market should have its uniqueness, and Christkind Markt has its own. Wondering what it is? It’s Christkind and his four angels, the main patrons of the Advent markets, who make the visit enjoyable for everyone.

Every Saturday and now also on Wednesdays, this heavenly team walks among the Christmas visitors, especially the children, distributing small gifts. Their main task is to brighten the eyes of the little ones, and believe it or not, they are successful even with adults. You can also see Baby Jesus and the angels on the balcony of Altes Haus, located on Domplatz.

What to buy at the Christmas market? I won’t ask for an answer to this question. Choosing from the vast array of various Christmas decorations, from wreaths, candles, and ornaments to cute winter items like ice skates or various children’s figures, is indeed a challenging task.

Handmade Crafts at the Star Market

Another market that is definitely worth seeing is the Sternadvent Markt, also known as the Star Advent Market. During a stroll through the historical center, you will surely come across it as it is just a stone’s throw away from the W. A. Mozart House.

Personally, I liked this market the most, probably because it is not only a bit smaller than the one at the cathedral, but there was also a large selection of handmade products, making it somewhat charming in its own way.

Up to the Towers of Hohensalzburg

It’s not necessary to write much about the fact that the whole of Salzburg is Christmas-themed. The spirit of Christmas peeks out everywhere, even in the courtyard of the medieval fortress Hohensalzburg.

The local market I mention here today is the smallest of those I’ve mentioned, but this is compensated by the beautiful view of the city from here. You can easily reach the fortress by cable car, and with the Salzburg Card, the ride here and the entrance to the fortress are completely free.

Even though it might seem so, the list of the main Salzburg markets is not yet complete. One more is left, and you need to head to Mirabell Palace. The market is located almost next to the palace garden and has only a few stalls. However, a visit to this market is a pleasant Christmas market conclusion.

Whether you choose any of the markets during your visit to Salzburg, I believe you will enjoy the experience. Have a wonderful Christmas time, and write to me about how you liked it in the most romantic city in Austria.



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