Photo Album: What to see in Dijon, in the city of spicy mustard?

Palác burgundských vévodů v Dijonu / Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy - © Foto:

What comes to your mind, when you hear the name of the French city, called Dijon? Is it Dijon mustard? Somebody could say, but most of us would probably respond this way and there is nothing wrong about that, since it is the most famous product of the city. However, Dijon has much more to offer.

Small and yet big in its significance, the capital of Burgundy welcomes you with opened arms, inviting you to see the places breathing with history, taste the delicious wine and cuisine, and enjoy its friendly and calm atmosphere. With all of this, you know that you have chosen the right place to spend some summer days here.

During my own summer visit, the calmness, pleasant city walks, historical stops, and the chance to read a book on a park bench, created unforgettable memories and experiences. What else inspired me in Dijon? Well, take a look at my photo album and see for yourself. Enjoy!



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