The world of Medusas: 10,000 unique jellyfish in one place

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The weather forecast for Sunday didn’t promise any miracles. The rain and storms outside more resembled a proper water party for the water sprite Česílek. Where to go for some fun and see something new? After a short consideration, a decision was made. We’re heading to the World of Jellyfish in the Arkády Pankrác shopping center. How was it there?

The destination: Arkády Pankrác

I set out on the trip with my four-year-old Anička, who has been eagerly anticipating it from the very beginning. Throughout the journey, I was bombarded with questions like “where are we going, are we there yet, what will be there?” Upon arriving at Arkády Pankrác, we had to take the escalators up to the last floor. I highly appreciate that well-placed signs throughout the shopping center make it very easy to find the way to the World of Jellyfish.

On the top floor, we exited the center and continued on the sidewalk, straight to the World of Jellyfish. We bought tickets and entered a completely unfamiliar world.

The World of Jellyfish Introduces Itself

From the start, dim lighting and music accompany us, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of the place. With astonished expressions on our faces and excitement in our eyes, we move from one aquarium to another, of which there are 37 here. Each one features entirely different jellyfish. Some are truly tiny, while others are a bit more grown. Each aquarium has a brief description introducing its inhabitants. I liked that there was also information about how dangerous each jellyfish species is for humans. There are some I wouldn’t want to encounter in the sea.

During the tour, we first walk through a shorter corridor where individual aquariums are embedded in the walls. Small jellyfish move very quickly, while the larger ones move with incredible calmness. It’s truly an experience to stand still for a moment and observe their movements. When you look at them and listen to the accompanying music, you feel like you’re in a magical place. At that moment, Anička says, “Mom, let’s go.” We move on.

We enter a larger hall where there is a large aquarium on the main wall, and besides the music, the main attraction here is the lighting effects that gradually change.

They Have No Heart or Brain

But it doesn’t end here. We go up the stairs to the first floor. I was intrigued by the information on the sides of the staircase – “jellyfish have no heart or brain” and “some jellyfish are immortal.” I contemplate this quite a bit. I must admit that the information about the heart and brain was very interesting. And the mentioned immortality made me reflect on how it would be if we humans were immortal. Just a bit of philosophy.

Symbol of abundance and wealth

On the first floor, we encountered more fascinating jellyfish, including the Chrysaora Chinensis species. Interestingly, this jellyfish is considered a symbol of abundance and wealth in Asia, often kept by managers in their offices. Another intriguing detail to add to our jellyfish experience as we bid them farewell. To exit, you have the option of sliding down a chute or taking the more traditional route down the stairs.

From the World of Jellyfish, we take away a beautiful experience. To savor it until the end, we decide to stop at the Jellyfish Bistro. On the way home, Anička kept repeating that she saw giant jellyfish and was very happy about the visit. As I always say, “a content child = a content parent,” and in this case, it truly was.

If you have the desire to see a highly unconventional exhibition and get to know the inhabitants of the underwater world, I highly recommend the World of Jellyfish. I believe it will be a tremendous experience even for children.

Feel free to share your thoughts on how you liked it here. Have a great day!



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